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GUI Automation Difficulties. When Marketing Collides with Real Life. 

March 12th, 2015 No comments

mvc_pic.001 Usually, it is a good practice to automate any kind of routine. In testing, automation is vital. It helps decrease costs, makes testing tasks faster, and improves efficiency of your staff. It is a “no-brainer” to think about automating different testing tasks, especially when reading marketing materials or listening to a sales presentation of a “leading-edge-premier” robot software. Those reports are usually based on success stories from the world of the most complicated user interfaces – CAD software, graphics software or maybe some examples of extremely complex but good web design. Moreover, usually, these reports are true. But you should think carefully before starting a GUI test automation project. In many areas of software development, GUI automation is not so easy and obvious, and your entire automation project can quickly turn into disaster, in spite of the visual attractiveness of the tools.


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Testing: Four Points you Have to Check Before Pay

November 2nd, 2012 No comments

When most people think about Information Technology they usually mean software development, network maintenance or database administration activities. They usually forget about the mediator who is involved at every stage before the final product is sent to the client. This mediator is the test engineer.

Testing can be implemented in different ways, ranging from the single developer who verifies their own code, to a team of professionals that work with automated testing scripts and create specialized testing tools for specific needs. Read more…

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Technical Glitches at the Wrong Time

April 26th, 2012 1 comment

This is a translation of a Russian blog post by Roman Elizarov.

Last night on a radio show I heard a comment from trader Basil Oleynik about the failure on the MICEX-RTS exchange, “Technical glitches happen at precisely those importantmoments when conditions on foreign markets are changing.” Let me make a disclaimer first. Despite the fact that the RTS Stock Exchange and MICEX were our customers even before the merger, and remain so afterwards, we (Devexperts) have nothing to do with the code of their trading systems, so I can’t say anything about the technical details of this particular crash (but even if we had had something to do with this code, I still wouldn’t be able to say anything because of the usual NDA in such cases). But I can talk about technical failures in general in more detail.

Trading systems of stock exchanges, brokers, and traders are most heavily loaded at exactly such moments of abrupt changes in the market. People panic, and automated systems are programmed to react to certain events, which causes a chain reaction with other automated systems. There is a snowball effect, and even when not leading to crashes, it can still have an unobvious impact on the market. One such well-known incident, called Flash Crash occurred on May 6, 2010. In our historical database of quotes (username demo, password demo) you can see that Accenture fell from $38 per share to a penny in less than a minute, and then recovered its value again. Also, if you request data on trades during this time period, you can see that trades at one cent had actually occurred. By the way, the incident was not the consequence and did not lead to any failures on the exchanges of the United States, but a number of trades during this time period were canceled.

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