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Overcoming the Cons of Market Screeners

May 29th, 2019 No comments

Market screeners are an essential tool for traders who want to stay informed and be notified of specific changes in the markets, and they have a lot of choices. A financial entity looking to onboard more clients through this tool needs to not only stand out technology wise but also be able to offer an enticing cost-effective foot in the door for prospective customers.

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How to Choose a Monitoring System for Your IT Infrastructure?

September 12th, 2012 4 comments

Selecting a monitoring system is hard, but there are just four important questions which could simplify this work.

The first question to be answered when choosing a monitoring system is, “What problem do I want to solve with it?”

For example:

  • I have a lot of servers, databases, and other equipment in the network, but I do not have a way of monitoring them of monitoring the overall system;
  • I provide a service to my clients, but the only way of knowing about problems are when they are reported by the clients themselves;
  • I try to monitor their IT infrastructure through the use of a lot of different specialized software that requires a lot of specialists to support;
  • I have a monitoring system, but am unhappy with the cost / quality / functionality.

Clearly articulate the answer to this first question and you can move on.

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